About us


About us

Knighton Museum, which opened in 2017, is located in Broad Street, on the site of one of the town’s most famous twentieth century shops, Clee & Sons, Knighton’s first department store. The museum’s exhibits include a kitchen and scullery at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation and elements of late-Victorian to early-Elizabeth II school rooms. Our ‘star item’ is what is possibly the oldest fire appliance in the UK; a hand drawn, hand pumped ‘engine’ of the Georgian era.

The museum is a registered charity, run by volunteers, and funded by donations but best of all, it’s free!

Who’s Who

Our trustees and volunteers are drawn from Knighton Town Council, Powys County Council and members of the public with interests in history, archaeology, re-enactment, agriculture and primary and secondary education.


We do everything we can, within the restraints of the building, to be accessible to all. We have worked with Knighton Access Group to try and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
We have a vintage fire bell to ring and a loud school bell; we can also provide earmuffs if you find it all a bit too much.

We follow the British Dyslexia Association’s guidelines where possible and can provide coloured overlays if they will help. We have a chart of BSL signs for you to try and are actively promoting the use of Makaton signing for visitors with learning disabilities. We know we can’t always get it right and are happy to listen to suggestions of how we can improve.